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8/2 Krishna Flat, Maninagar, Ahmedabad
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Frequently Asked Questions

Relevant and Reliable Answers to the Commonly Asked Questions

DPC focuses on delivering complete and satisfactory service to its clients and customers and takes on every challenges and obstacles to deploy consistent, reliable and economical sanitization and disinfection service for commercial and residential bodies. Our team of experts and professionals have taken the time to answer some of our most frequently asked questions, as per your feasibility and convenience.
How to contact and book an appointment?
Call us on the given number or drop a mail on the Email address to get an instant booking for the service.
Which services are available?
We provide individual packages and customised services on germ-cleaning, sanitization and disinfection programmes. Our experts offers a healthy consultation to make you choose the correct package for your infrastructure.
Which customized packages are given by us?
The programmes depend on the demands, needs and benefits sought by the clients and customers.
Is insurance policy available with the package?
No, Currently there is no insurance policy allotted with the service packages.
How does our relationship work?
We identify and recognize the value of streamlined communication, especially when it comes to some specific request of home and office cleaning, sanitization and disinfection.
Do I need to be available at my home at each cleaning service?
We will show up at your home we will be outfitted with all the cleaning supplies and gear expected to completely clean your home.
What is the time of arrival of your team?
We will show up at your home at the earliest and will be furnished with all the cleaning supplies and hardware expected to completely clean your home.
What if something gets damaged during the service?
Our trained professionals take the utmost measures to stay away from such mishappening. If somehow such circumstance occurs, we will verify the situation and take a justified initiative.

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